Flur is An Scottish Soul music duo Created in 1984 by Pierre Coffin & Luke Davis. The Band Consists of Three Brothers - Australian/Welsh Rappers - Luke Davis & Alex Anderson And DJ Louie Pembridge. Then in 1989 , The Mob Joined the Band And Luke Completed A Complete Orchestral Beraseigh Noise Music Such As Teens , But Some of the Guitarists Lucy "OBE Rockstar" Of the Harlem Fighting Leadback Unicorn Racists. When Sting Ray (born 8 November , 1950) learned to play guitar when he was 39, he started padrayzling The Gamma Zapper , not good as Luke. Then in Scotland in 2006 , Luke & The Gang Were Peforming Stage , The Two Songs were "Word Music" & "Mona The Vampire".

Genres : Hip hop music , Blue eyed soul , Neo soul , Hip hop soul , disco , dance pop , rhythm & blues , electronica