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Pat et Stanley (Pat and Stan), (Pat en Stan), (Nik og Jan) is a French animated show that appears as part of the children's television programme TFou on the French network TF1. Animated by Pierre Coffin, Pat the hippopotamus and Stan the dog have appeared in 362 short episodes as well as the 26 minute movie Pat et Stanley: Le Trésor de Pit et Mortimer (Pat and Stanley: The Treasure of Pit and Mortimer, 2006). Outside of France, the duo are most famous for the short clip in which Pat is seen singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." They also appear re-voiced in English on The CW4Kids in the United States, and under two Dutch versions on Jetix in the Netherlands, and on Ketnet in Flanders. Pat and Stanley are now featured in many unofficial online videos singing English (as well as international) songs.


Partial episode listEdit

This list of Pat & Stan episodes has yet to be completed, if someone who knows all the full guide could add it, it would be appreciated.

Aunt Martha Comes To Dinner, Pat's Pet, Nasalation, A Short Break, The Great Vacation, Egg Surprise, The Ghost Of Aunt Patty, Scare Me If You Can, Grand Hotel, A Better, A Button On The Nose, A Cold, A Heaven School Bag, A Little Pee, A Little Longer, A Sioux,


  • Genre - Animated television series
  • Creator - Pierre Coffin
  • Director - Pierre Coffin, Patrick Delage(movie)
  • Country - France
  • Language - French
  • Seasons - 3
  • Episodes - 362
  • Executive producer - Jean-Jacques Benhamou (movie)
  • Producer - Jean-Jacques Benhamou, Jacques Bled (movie)
  • Runtime - 2-26 minutes
  • Channel - TF1
  • Picture_format - SECAM (576)
  • Audio_format - Stereophonic
  • First aired - 2003 - present


  • France - TF1 and TV5
  • USA - 4Kids Entertainment, CW4Kids
  • Netherlands - Disney XD (Former Jetix), Disney Channel
  • Flanders - Ketnet, Disney Channel
  • Italy - Hiro
  • UK - CITV
  • Switzerland - TSR
  • Denmark - DR Ramasjang
  • Norway - NRK
  • Finland - YLE
  • Iceland - Icelandic Broadcasting Corp
  • Philippines - Nickelodeon Asia ZTV 33
  • India - Disney Channel India, Disney XD
  • Australia - ABC 3
  • Brazil - Cartoon Network
  • Mexico - Cartoon Network
  • Germany - KIKA (starting on the 26. June 2011)

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